S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders

Themes and Other Literary Devices.

There is a theme of The Rule of Three in this work. Three Curtis brothers, three greasers go into the burning building, Bob has three rings, and by the end of the book there have been three deaths. This theme of unity contrasts the theme of individuality. The younger Curtis brothers, Ponyboy and Sodapop, are individuals because of their names. What other characters in this book are independent and have a strong sense of individuality?

Start "Part 3" in your word document, answer the question that was just asked, and discuss other themes you have found in the book. Also, does this book follow the Mirror Effect, or the Window Effect of a Young Adult Novel? Next, list the 5 stages of conflict in the book.

Many people argue that this YA novel is difficult for it's audience to relate to. Scenes such as Johnny stabbing the Soc, and the group of greasers saving the children from the fire are not everyday occurrences in many teenager's lives. On the other hand there are many scenarios that readers can relate to. As the last part of this section in your word document, talk about any situations that come up in the book that you are able to relate to as a teenager.

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